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The Real Reason Mariah Carey Brought a $20,000 Gym to London

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We’re really glad we’re not concierges or bellhops at the shmancy Claridge’s hotel in London right now. Mariah Carey’s staying there as her promotional tour for her new album glitters rages on, and it’s no low-maintenance affair. The Daily News reports:

She arrived with an entourage of 15 hairdressers, bodyguards and personal stylists and commandeered every penthouse suite in Claridge’s, an exclusive Mayfair hotel. Carey, who admitted to insuring her legs for $2 million, also had a $20,000 personal gym installed in her own penthouse at Claridge’s.

We’re not that annoyed that she arrived with fifteen people to touch up her eyeliner, paint her nails, and guard the whole spectacle. We’re annoyed by the gym part. She’ll probably hold interviews there with the British press, personal trainer at her hip, to show them the moves that made her LOSE TWENTY POUNDS FAST! And spill her DIET SECRETS that made her a SIZE 2! Because, seriously, talking about her weight loss has been her main promotional strategy for the album this time around (just pick up any celeb weekly). Even in the Hills season premiere on which Carey performed, the hostess asked Carey how she stayed in shape (her answer was eating right, if you care). It’s just kind of lame, because the woman has more going for her than the ability to not eat carbs and proteins in the same meal. She can sing, after all. And we probably shouldn’t admit this, but that “Touch My Body” song is pretty catchy (we’re not the only ones who like her music), so maybe talking about the tunes wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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The Real Reason Mariah Carey Brought a $20,000 Gym to London