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The ‘Sex and the City’ Movie: Fashion Orgasm?

Our face looks like André’s right now.Photo illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty
Images, New Line Cinema

We’re excited about the Sex and the City movie, but guessing which character dies doesn’t get our gander going quite like wondering what that person will be wearing when he or she dies. Sick, but true! And though we’ve known all along the outfits will be a real treat to gawk at and/or covet, it’s nice to read an article like this one in Variety, which confirms we’re in for a fashion orgasm. Producer John Melfi says fashion houses flung their closet doors open for the film. Vivienne Westwood designed Carrie’s wedding gown, Manolo Blahnik designed a shoe just for Sarah Jessica Parker, bling is provided by Fred Leighton and H. Stern, and basically every other big fashion name (Lacroix! Galliano! Dior! Lagerfeld!) has something in the movie. If that weren’t enough, André Leon Talley will play himself in the film:

The film also got the all-important nod from Vogue. Having shot at the fashion bible’s offices during the series, “Sex” now holds the distinction of being the only feature film to do so. “The movie got (editor) Anna Wintour’s blessing,” says André Leon Talley, Vogue’s editor at large. Talley plays himself styling Carrie as she’s photographed modeling wedding dresses for the magazine. “It’s a fabulous scene — all about what a chic New York woman should wear for her wedding,” Talley says. “It’s all very Vogue and of course, Carrie Bradshaw is the ideal Vogue woman.”

It all sounds so lovely! But there’s a dark side: Variety also notes that the New York Manolo Blahnik store has been inundated with tourists who are asking to try on the shoes that Sarah Jessica Parker wore on the show and having their pictures taken with the stilettos. Is nothing sacred?

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The ‘Sex and the City’ Movie: Fashion Orgasm?