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Tim McGraw’s Got a Fragrance; Nicole Scherzinger’s Got Soap

McGraw. Musky!Photo: WireImage

• Coty makes countless celebri-scents, and its latest is for Tim McGraw. Slated to launch this fall, McGraw by Tim McGraw will retail for up to $30 and symbolize McGraw’s country roots. Giddy up. [WWD]

• Oh no they didn’t! The International Fragrance Association created a ruckus by suggesting perfumers restrict the use of citrus oils since they cause photosensitization (that means you’ll tan — and burn — more easily). Cropwatch and the Natural Perfumers Guild have accused the IFA of “cultural vandalism.” Now that’s a new one. [Now Smell This]

• Lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is now a spokeswoman for Caress body wash. Hm. Did she not get a cut of Girlicious or something? [Off the Rack/People]

• Makeup diva Bobbi Brown on Botox: “I was looking at one of those women, a celebrity on TV, the other day and you don’t look at her at think wow, she looks like a beautiful 24-year-old; you think, who is that 40-year-old weird-looking lady?” Thank you. [MSNBC]

• It’s about time: Benefit released Poisetint, a follow-up to Benetint, their Über-successful reddish tint for eyes, lips, and cheeks. Poisetint is a poppy-pink, more subdued version of the original, and it retails for $28. So hop to it, paler folk. [Face Candy]

• Brown mascara might be the new black mascara. It’s true! Paul and Joe’s brown mascara rocks because it darkens and lengthens but it’s not as obtrusive as black. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

Tim McGraw’s Got a Fragrance; Nicole Scherzinger’s Got Soap