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Versace Infiltrates the Italian Parliament

Santo sees concrete in his future.Photo: Getty Images

The Italian parliament just got way more interesting. Yes, really! Santo Versace won a seat in it. That would be Donatella and Gianni’s brother, who runs the business side of the Versace label. But he didn’t just run so he could waltz in there and fanny about in his shmancy suits. “I am taking this very seriously,” he said. “I decided to run because I want to do something concrete for the future.” Like expanding his label’s marketing horizons by decking out his new pol friends in Versace threads? That’s what we’d call public service, anyhow. There’s even buzz about Santo securing a Cabinet post under recently elected prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. If he gets it, he wouldn’t be short of glam types to dress:

[Berlusconi] has promised four of his 12 ministers will be women and a likely candidate is the blonde, slim Sicilian Stefania Prestigiacomo. Her appointment no doubt would give the Italian press plenty of fodder given Berlusconi’s renowned eye for the opposite sex.

So the Italian government has a Donatella look-alike, the French government has a supermodel First Lady, and we’ve got HRC, who’s afraid to look too “alluring” in Vogue. God bless America, or whatever.

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Versace Infiltrates the Italian Parliament