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Viktor & Rolf’s $120 False Lashes Debut

Victor & Rolf for Shu UemuraPhoto: a touch of blusher

• The first photos of Viktor & Rolf’s limited-edition false-eyelash line for Shu Uemura are out. The line includes three sets of false eyelashes that retail for $120, so these are not the kind you’re expected to lose. [A Touch of Blusher]

• Swarovski studded the Bond No. 9 fragrance bottle in purple, green, and blue crystals. You can get it at Saks for just $650. Honestly, we love the fashion and beauty industry’s refusal to acknowledge the recession. It’s a beautiful thing. [Beauty Snob]

• Ballade Verte by Manuel Canovas smells “deeply, darkly, earthily green, old and musty in the best way, a rich and almost rotting organic green like fresh branches mixed into soil.” Uhhhhh, we wear perfume so we don’t smell like that, but to each her own. [Moment/NYT]

• British docs say they’ve discovered a cure for acne called SMT D002, which would reduce the flow of sebum (oil) by 90 percent. It’s a pill, but they’re trying to make a cream. Now whatcha gonna do, Proactiv? Huh? [Telegraph via Jezebel]

• Collagen is an anti-ager that comes in many beauty products. But in Japan you can ingest it in candy or soup form. Suddenly our tummies are just rumbling. [Beauty and the Blog]

• The Secret Platinum deodorant in vanilla chai smells like sweet pudding, but it’s so potent it interferes with perfume. Lame. [Non Blonde]

Chanel’s summer Flamingo hue is spot-on for frilly ladies who love pink. We dare say the sparkly finish would look fabulous on toes. [All Lacquered Up]

Viktor & Rolf’s $120 False Lashes Debut