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One Reason Women Wear Such Bad Wedding Outfits

Gosh, her hairstyle is getting old.Photo: Getty Images

When we see pop stars perform in sparkly outfits, we don’t usually think, Golly, those sequined pants are just what I need for my wedding day! Granted, we’re not the types who normally model our wardrobes or lives after celebrities (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but we’re concerned for the crop of brides who do. Apparently, many go to the bridal store with a picture of a celebrity in hand, whether the starlet is wearing a wedding gown or not. While we’re all for remixing the typical white dress, we don’t think concert-performance outfits are the way to go. And with Ashlee Simpson’s wedding on the horizon, we’ve greater cause for concern:

Celluci notes that most celebrity outfits are custom-made, which is why a lot of ugly, tacky stuff looks great on celebrities, but just ugly and tacky on civilians. Sadly, even if she thinks something looks bad on a person, she’ll sell it to her, anyway. If she didn’t, someone else would.

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One Reason Women Wear Such Bad Wedding Outfits