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What Sean Avery Will Do As a ‘Vogue’ Intern

We don’t know what the hell he’s thinking either.Photo: Getty Images

New York Ranger (that means hockey player) Sean Avery is a fashionisto. The professional athlete, who loves his black patent leather Yves Saint Laurent high-tops and “lovely cashmere throw from a friend who works at Calvin Klein,” is a rare breed but not a singular species (see: Michael Strahan). So, yeah, it’s unusual that a guy like him loves fashion so much, but hold that WTF for just a moment. Avery plans to intern at Vogue this summer. Now: WTF?

WWD reports that Avery, who wants to be a fashion editor, wrote a letter to Anna Wintour saying he wanted to work at the magazine, which is how he landed the gig. A Vogue spokesperson said he’ll start this summer at 4 Times Square and work with editors like Hamish Bowles. He’ll perform typical grunt-intern work, like messengering gowns and making copies. Avery, bear in mind, makes $2 million a year. But he’s going to go to an office building in the middle of Times Square to make copies and drag hanging bags around. For free. Again: WTF. Just imagine if you’re the intern who’s almost in tears because you haven’t been able to get that fax through to Milan all day, someone just snapped at you, and you messed up the marketing department’s latte orders — and in walks a big, rich 28-year-old hockey star to use the copy machine. It would feel so terribly wrong.

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What Sean Avery Will Do As a ‘Vogue’ Intern