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Agyness Deyn Forms Her Own Band

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Agyness Deyn is really determined to make this rock-and-roll thing happen. Following her musical debut singing vocals on “Who” with the Five O’Clock Heroes, she’s formed her own band with her friends Alanna Materson and Jackson Pollis. We admit we were skeptical about her musical ambitions when we first heard “Who,” but we applaud her for really going for it, taking matters into her own hands. She told NME:

“I’ve always loved music. I started playing guitar a few years ago and I’m not Jimi Hendrix or anything, but it’s relaxing to play some music.”

Agyness said she knows people will take the mickey out of her musical efforts.

Carpe diem, sister! Since we’ll never become rock-and-roll stars, maybe we can run some song ideas by you, Aggy? We’ve just been dying to share. We have a great song about our high-school prom dress called “Pink Taffeta.” And of course, the follow-up to “Yellow Tights,” “Sheer Pantyhose.” You’ll call us, right? Right?

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Agyness Deyn Forms Her Own Band