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Are Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston Back Together?

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Recently we learned Marc Jacobs had taken up with Lorenzo Martone, a handsome Brazilian businessman. It seemed perhaps Jacobs had gotten over his affinity for bad boys. (Hey, we’ve all been there.) But maybe Martone wasn’t to be? Today the New York Post reports Jacobs was spotted last weekend whispering sweet nothings to his ex Jason Preston:

They were at Pastis Saturday, looking “very much together, laughing and kissing,” said our spy. They were overheard saying they’d missed one another during their separation and dissed Marc’s ex, Austin A., saying he “is a drunk loser with a hideous body.”

Could they really be back together? If Preston’s new Facebook status message is any indication (and we know Facebook to be the truth teller of our time!), maybe:

Ah, love — such drama! Perhaps it’s leftover feelings for Marc that have left Preston so confused? And perhaps the person he’s in a relationship with is Marc himself? If so, then we know Jacobs really is just like us — staying broken up is hard for him to do. We’ve been there, we feel your pain. Or happiness. Wherever you’re at, man! We’re there for you!

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Are Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston Back Together?