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Bar Refaeli Evades Military Service, Upsets People

Oh, the life…Photo: Getty Images

All Israelis must serve in the army when they turn 18 — unless, of course, they’re special, like Bar Refaeli. Rather than go into the army, the 22-year-old model did other fun-young-gorgeous-person stuff like model and date Leonardo DiCaprio. But a group of Israeli parents of IDF soldiers aren’t having any more of Refaeli’s special treatment. The model signed a $300,000 campaign deal with Fox fashion chain, and the disgruntled parents threatened to organize a boycott of the chain if it didn’t write into Refaeli’s contract that she must complete her military service. Fox averted a boycott with a compromise:

But this still feels a little off. So she’s going to encourage soldiers to fulfill their obligatory army duty while she avoids it herself? That will be a great sell: “Israel needs brave people like you to protect hot bodies like mine!”

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Bar Refaeli Evades Military Service, Upsets People