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Beyoncé’s Yellow Fever and the Stupendous Leg Escalator

Note: Beyoncé’s nails match her dress.Photo: David Dyson / Camera Press / Retna


• Yellow nail polish reappeared this week on Beyoncé, who rocked it at Heathrow Airport. How trendy! Rihanna also loves the color. We suggest Obsessive Compulsive’s Traffic, a school-bus yellow shade that we have on right now, because we’re just that cool. [JaHaute Blog]

• Venus razors promoted its smooth-leg pitch by turning an escalator in a Philippines train station into one giant leg. It’s supposed to look like passengers are running their hands up the leg as they ride up. Get it? Now if only we could do something about Penn Station’s escalators. [Trendhunter]

• Ghd’s new IV styler is a limited-edition straightener that promises healthy locks without dead ends. The travel case it comes in is almost cuter than the product itself. [British Vogue]

• Lancôme’s Star Bronzer Sun Cherub Compact is the size of a CD. You know what they say: When cell phones get tinier, compacts, uh, get huge? [Allure/Daily Beauty Reporter]

• BellaSugar named their top five mascaras, and we’re surprised their picks aren’t all major brands. They include Lancôme Courbe Virtuose, Lash Blast by Cover Girl, Balm Two-Timer, Mirenesse Secret Weapon, and Beauty Addict’s Lash Galore. [BellaSugar]

• The Watermelon Tinted Moisturizer from Korres sounds yummy. Plus it contains SPF 30, which is ideal for face protection. [Makeup Moxie]

Beyoncé’s Yellow Fever and the Stupendous Leg Escalator