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Breaking: ‘Project Runway’ Moving to LA

Et tu, Heidi?Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

We don’t want to alarm anyone but we think you should sit down for this. Remember when it was announced that Project Runway was moving to Lifetime? And execs swore up and down there’d be no major changes? Not so much. Come Season Six, the show will be abandoning its New York roots for Los Angeles. reports: has learned from two well-placed sources that Project Runway and its host Heidi Klum will move to Los Angeles for the series’ sixth season, expected to premiere on Lifetime in November. The show’s fifth season, which debuts on Bravo in July, will be shot in the Big Apple.

This could still work, right guys? LA’s got tons of great fashion. Fred Segal, Intuition, Kitson … Oh, who are we kidding. The first challenge will be to design a tank top, and Speidi is going to guest-judge. —Amina Akhtar

Update: A Lifetime spokesperson thoughtfully let us know that the show is not completely moving to L.A. “Project Runway is NOT moving to LA, we are only splitting season six between NY and LA solely to accommodate Heidi Klum’s schedule and the show will return to NY for the seventh season.” Everyone, commence breathing.

EW Exclusive: ‘Project Runway’ moving to L.A.

Breaking: ‘Project Runway’ Moving to LA