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Camilla Belle Has Really Lovely Eyebrows

Distinction noted.Photo: Getty Images


• Have you noticed? Camilla Belle has really lovely eyebrows. Props to her for keeping them thick, not drawn-on or overtweezed like we see with other celebrities. Ahem, Pam Anderson. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• If your waterproof mascara just can’t withstand your sweat at the gym, ensure your lashes stay dark by dying them with lash tint, which stings for fifteen minutes when applied. Ladies, we care about our appearance, too, but permanently dying eyelashes so they look good when you work out sounds like a bit much. [BellaSugar]

• Jo Wood Organics is releasing Everyday, a line of more-affordable products to encourage repeat customers. By more affordable, we mean a jar of body scrub costs $47. [WWD]

• Even if you shy away from vanilla scents because they’re too potent and recognizable you might like Sephora’s Lavanila fragrance line, which pairs the scent with coconut, grapefruit, and florals. Trust us, one spritz of these is plenty. [Fragrance Fanatic]

• The holographic colors from the China Glaze OMG Text in Colour 2BHot Collection are almost as obnoxious as the color names like OMG, 2NITE, IDK, LOL, and two more we can’t bear to type. [Makeup and Beauty Blog]

• Deborah Lippmann, the manicurist behind the Lippmann Collection nail polishes, carries Stripper to Go lacquer-remover mitts for nail-polish emergencies. [Daily Obsession]

Camilla Belle Has Really Lovely Eyebrows