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Cannes Fashion, Round Two: Madonna, Carine Roitfeld, and Dita Von Teese

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The fashionable flock at Cannes has been toiling with the all-important question of whether to walk the red carpet with an umbrella or brave the elements as torrential downpours threatened updos and chiffon trains last weekend. But at last the clouds have parted. And Madonna came out! Ironically her gown looks like the rain itself. Albeit, glamorous, shiny black-and-nude Madonna rain, but still very weather-inspired. It’s not our favorite dress of all time, but props to Madge for continuing to look nowhere near 50, concealing her thighs (a rare occasion), and bravely letting her roots show.

We judge more Cannes fashion statements after the jump.

What would a glamorous event be without P. Diddy? After all, someone had to wear the white jacket to make onlookers ask, “Is that a famous person? Or part of the catering staff?” To his right Sharon Stone appears to have ventured out during the daytime. Perhaps her yacht ran out of the good bagels? Whatever mission she’s on, her version of laid-back chic sure beats our pathetic attempt at it on hung-over Saturday mornings.Photo: Getty Images

On the left is model Doutzen Kroes playing it safe in a simple, chic royal-blue number. To her right Naomi Campbell in a lovely dress that makes her look nice and tall. Which makes her companion look nice and short. Photo: Getty Images

Natalie Portman looks great on the left. It’s a good thing she’s well ruffled; otherwise the red carpet would reduce her to a floating head. On the right French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld’s effortlessly chic hair and killer belted Lanvin gown continue to make us want to be her.Photo: Getty Images

Eva Herzigova appears to have come from the beach in the fanciest bathing suit cover-up known to man. At least she’s giving us some of that good ol’ sexy Cannes flavor.Photo: Getty Images

On the left is French musician Francis Lalanne wearing well-heeled boots with his tux pants tucked in. He looks awesome, doesn’t he? On the right is a glowing Angelina Jolie in a giant maternity gown. We bet if she held her arms in a “T” she’d look like a sand dollar.Photo: Getty Images

Lastly, our two least favorite outfits from Cannes, Round Two, worn by Giorgio Armani’s niece Roberta Armani and Dita Von Teese. The pattern on Armani’s dress reminds us of a shower curtain from a single man’s condo in Florida. And that shade of green is not Dita’s best color. Photo: Getty Images

Cannes Fashion, Round Two: Madonna, Carine Roitfeld, and Dita Von Teese