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Chloë Sevigney’s Next Project: Unisex Menswear

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Boy, oh boy, Chloë Sevigny’s next line for Opening Ceremony will include menswear. She’ll get started on it the next time she’s in New York long enough to complete the project. (She told us it takes a long time and is hard to fit in with her Big Love shooting schedule.) But she hasn’t stopped thinking of the ladies. She told her menswear line will double as womenswear:

“Not only did I want to do something for the guys in my life, but a lot of my girlfriends prefer to wear men’s stuff,” Sevigny told us, adding that girl versions won’t have different tailoring; they will just come in smaller sizes. “I think what they like about men’s clothes is the fit. So I don’t want to change that. It’ll be a new challenge.”

Don’t we call that unisex nowadays? So very quirky-Chloë of her! But boyfriend jackets are in for fall so maybe she’s more style-savvy than her last collection would indicate. However, this begs the question: Will she account for lovely lady humps like breasts and hips? Loose-fitting jackets and pants might be in, but puckering most definitely is not.

Chloe does it for the boys [Style via Haute Concept]
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Chloë Sevigney’s Next Project: Unisex Menswear