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Daria Werbowy Launches Makeup Line; Sarah Jessica Parker Conquers HSN

Daria in her new bronze collection.Photo: Courtesy of Lancome


Daria Werbowy’s Daria Collection for Lancôme goes on sale today at Proceeds from her summery bronze makeup go to an education program in Rio de Janeiro. Aw, we feel warm and fuzzy just reading that. [Makeup Minute]

• L’Oréal uses Facebook to recruit employees with the application “Work With Me.” So maybe if you want them to “work with you,” you shouldn’t post those smeared makeup 3 a.m. photos anymore. [WWD]

• Reports from the Luxe Pack New York trade show this week say that the beauty-packaging market is growing globally despite the steadily tanking national economy. What would beauty products be if they didn’t come in boxes, after all? [Cosmetic News]

• Shiseido’s Hydro-Powder cream shadows are shimmery, bright summer shades that go on really nicely rather than gunking up in creases. [Beauty Snob]

• The new Neo Sci-Fi collection from M.A.C features bright-orange packaging, even though the colors are neutral. How confusing. [Bella Sugar]

• Speaking of Neo Sci-Fi, the neutral colors of the nude lip create a great counterpoint to a detailed smoky eye. [Temptalia]

• Have ya heard? Chipped nail polish is in. According to the Times, “grotty nail polish no longer suggests drug addiction, manual labor or pure laziness.” Except in our case. Kidding! [NYT]

Sarah Jessica Parker’s fragrances sold out this week on the Home Shopping Network even though she didn’t appear to shill them herself. Does this woman ever lose? [Chic Report/ Fashion Week Daily]

• If you love David Yurman jewelry and summer in the Hamptons, you’ll just love the new Yurman fragrance, according to this reviewer. It’s a first for the label, and the Times gives it three stars for “good juice” at an expensive rate ($165 for 75ml). [Moment/NYT]

• Touted as the next Frederic Fekkai, celebrity hairstylist Dusty Simington told a bunch of beauty bloggers, “If you’re unattractive, you’re stupid, because there are so many great products out there.” Okaaaay. [Sugar Shock Beauty]

• Your hair should never be sculptured into lions, birds, or bears. It’s scary. Though we give mad props to whoever is capable of doing it. [Kiss and Makeup]

Daria Werbowy Launches Makeup Line; Sarah Jessica Parker Conquers HSN