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Don’t Look Like a Fool This Bathing-Suit Season

Clockwise from top left, Seafolly Australia, Sofia, Malia Mills, Analog, Nepenthes New York.

As this past weekend proved, summer is here (maybe just not today). You’re probably anticipating weekend jaunts to Fire Island, the Hamptons, or maybe even the Jersey shore. Unless you want to look like a real Debbie Downer, you’ll have to wear a bathing suit in public. If the thought of other people seeing you in a bikini gives you hives all over your untanned body, boost that confidence with a fabulous new suit. No, you can’t wear that one you bought in college for Cancun, even if it was just two years ago. And why waste precious gym prep time bouncing to a million stores when we’ve already done the legwork for you in our latest swimwear Shop-A-Matic, which features 150 of the best men’s and women’s suits this city offers? We’ve got all the — inis (monokinis, tankinis, bikinis) for women and board shorts and trunks for guys. Here’s a peek at our favorite picks:

Trocadero by Seafolly Australia
Price: $108
Why we like it: The pops of color and tricolor beads make this look funky yet mature. It’s a nice spin on the sexy monokini trend.

Lola Bikini by Sofia
Price: $92
Why we like it: This teeny-weeny bikini will make you want to hit the gym for hard-core abs, but the top straps and bottom ties provide some heft to make up for minimal coverage. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Danceteria Top and Calendar Girl Bottom by Malia Mills
Price: $160 for top. $175 for bottom.
Why we like it: Cover-up with this forties-style bandeau halter and high-waisted shorts two-piece. The lacy, polka-dot print modernizes this throwback.

Retro Short Swim Trunks by Nepenthes New York
Price: $95
Why we like it: For a great poolside-vacay look, these retro-inspired muted-blue trunks do the trick.

Belka by Analog
Price: $50
Why we like it: These surfer-style board shorts come with a yellow comb to wax your board, dude. Gotta prep for the Jersey shore, after all. — Sharon Clott

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Don’t Look Like a Fool This Bathing-Suit Season