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Imagining the Presidential Candidates in High Fashion

Simon Doonan used to think politicians’ wardrobes were off-limits. Pols are meant to be dowdy, he writes in the New York Observer. But lately, the increasingly bitter battle for the Democratic nomination has lead to a change of heart, as has the constant pestering by journalists who want commentary on Barack Obama’s ties every 20 minutes. “Maybe those fashion-obsessed journalists are on to something. Maybe it would perk things up a bit to add a little stylish sizzle into the mix,” he writes. So he fantasizes about rushing to Washington with a “U-Haul stuffed with this season’s high-fashion drag” to “Rachel Zoe” the political candidates and their spouses. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, we’ve created mock ups of his vision:

From left: Hillary in Comme Des Garçons; Barack in Jean Paul Gaultier; and McCain in Lanvin.Photo illustrations by Everett Bogue; Photos: imaxtree, Getty Images

Hillary Clinton:

[W]hen she’s not working the Balenciaga, she could go all Japanese avant-garde with a little Comme Des Garçons.

Barack Obama:

The Clockwork Orange-inspired fall collection from Jean Paul Gaultier seems appropriate for the current brawl.

John McCain:

[A] little foppish Lanvin could soften his image and solidify those histrionic Gay Republicans.

Michelle Obama in Dior and Bill Clinton in Thom BrownePhoto illustrations by Everett Bogue; Photos: imaxtree, Getty Images

Michelle Obama:

[T]he excesses of John Galliano’s Dior collection—especially that crazy Pat McGrath maquillage—would certainly put Ms. McCain on her guard.

Bill Clinton:

What could he possibly wear to complement his high-fashion co-conspirator? I’ve got it! And it’s American-made, too! Yes, I’m talking Thom Browne. The spank-me-I’ve-been-naughty perversity of Mr. Browne’s fall collection seems more than apropos.

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Imagining the Presidential Candidates in High Fashion