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‘SATC’: We Watched the Movie, But We Really Watched the Clothes

OMG!!!! HIIIII! SHRIEK!!!Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Don’t ask how we ended up rolling into a 10:10 a.m. screening of Sex and the City, in a theater crammed to the gills with Ladies Who Lunch tucking designer shades into knockoff handbags and gossiping during the film about whether Candace Bergen looks bloated. Just know that sometimes the prospect of a big-screen buffet of expensive clothes, big hair, and killer stilettos is hard to resist. Fear not, we’ll warn you before we dish plot spoilers, but we don’t think it will ruin anything to tell you that the heart of the film does and always will belong to one Mr. above all others: Mr. Manolo Blahnik.

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‘SATC’: We Watched the Movie, But We Really Watched the Clothes