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Girlicious Lands the Perfect Beauty Deal

Step one: Meet Girlicious. Step two: Roll eyes.Photo: WireImage


• Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin’s new group, Girlicious, struck a deal to promote the volumizing hair-care products of Sexy Hair Concepts. They replace good girl Katherine McPhee as brand reps. Could this be a more perfect fit? Only so long as Danity Kane declined. [WWD]

• Ever wonder how stars are able to wear heels so darn much? Michael Kors revealed “absolutely everybody in New York” gets biodegradable hyaluronic acid and Sephadex injected to the balls of their feet for extra cushioning. Why not? It only costs $500 and doesn’t take away one’s ability to emote. [Globe and Mail via SugarShock Beauty]

• An anonymous commenter claims the Very Voluptuous Ultimate Bust Plumper from Victoria’s Secret actually boosted her bust one whole cup size. We don’t believe her. [Makeup Loves Me]

• The market for skin-lightening creams in India grew 150 percent. For example, sales of Fair and Handsome, a “fairness cream for men” increased enormously. In America brighteners are also popular, but just targeted to those who want to eliminate under-eye circles. [Jezebel]

• The new Hermès fragrance Un Jardin Apres La Mousson smells like melon on the inhale and floral on the exhale. Talk about nuance. [Now Smell This]

• The Gossip collection by Zoya is made of bright, creamy colors and named after the Hills girls: Audrina’s purple, Heidi’s orange (perhaps to match her skin), Whitney’s fuchsia, LC’s red, Lo’s pink, and Elodie is poppy. They only cost $6 each. [Blogdorf Goodman]

Girlicious Lands the Perfect Beauty Deal