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Handbags, Clothes, Condoms Recovered in Counterfeit Bust


The counterfeit war rages on, and authorities are tackling the problem at the source. Yesterday, eight people were arrested after a raid of counterfeit goods at ZX Trading Corporation, in Queens, which supplies sellers in New York. The loot seized included over 1,100 boxes of fake stuff believed to come from China, ranging from knockoff Tommy Hilfiger and Izod apparel to faux Barbie dolls and Trojan condoms. Of course, fake designer handbags were uncovered; those alone filled two 40-foot trailer trucks.

Back to the condoms: Newsday reports the fake Trojans were sold to small discount retailers in the area. (But if you’ve bought your rubbers at the 99-cent store recently, don’t worry — they’re supposedly just as effective as the real thing.) ZX distributes their fakes mostly to sellers in New York and to a handful in Virginia and Texas. Police expect to spend a couple of days sorting through their spoils and assessing the value of the goods. What a glorious weekend.

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Handbags, Clothes, Condoms Recovered in Counterfeit Bust