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Hooray! ‘New York Look’ Is Online!

Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld sitting next to model Ali Stephens’s mom.Photo: Christopher Anderson

You miss Fashion Week, don’t you? We see your loss and raise you pining, dear readers. But let us set our collective misery aside, for a cure has arrived. Yes, New York Look’s fall ‘08 issue is now online in full with a couple of Web-only extras. It documents the merry mayhem of the fall ‘08 season. In a Q&A Karl Lagerfeld tells Harriett Mays Powell, “I love the Olsen twins. But ‘celebrities’ I don’t know well, I prefer not to see them in the studio before the show.” Amy Larocca explains why L’Wren Scott’s show is the most elegant on the calendar. In an exclusive online Q&A Chanel Iman tells Kendall Herbst, “I’m grateful to look the way I do. However, if I could change anything, I would like to be a bit bigger all over.” Emma Rosenblum goes behind the scenes of a Fashion Week casting call and collects judgments on all the girls who tried out. And our Fug Girls weigh in on the batch of celebrities that shouldn’t have sat in the front rows.

And then there’s Chris Anderson’s photo documentary of the shows from New York to Paris in 34 amazing images. One of our favorite moments from Look is above: Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld get chummy a short ways down from 17-year-old model Ali Stephens’s mom. Could you imagine if that were your mom? Or if that were you? We know we’d die.

New York Look: Fall 2008 [NYM]

Hooray! ‘New York Look’ Is Online!