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J. Lo Gets Matchy at Dior; a List of Tanning Disaster Victims

Bird? Plane? Galliano model? No! It’s J.Lo!Photo: Getty Images

• Some bloggers think J.Lo was a little too matchy-matchy with her eye makeup, nail color, and dress at the Dior resort show last night. We can’t say the tangerine matte lipstick adds much either, but then again, it’s Dior by John Galliano. At least we know she gets his aesthetic. [Non Blonde]

• The Maybelline Define-A-Brow is an easy brow liner and comb that comes in six colors for just $7, which is the perfect price point for a brow brush and liner. [Face Candy]

• Lauren Conrad is a healthy hair icon. What can’t she do? [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• Demeter Fragrance Library partnered with Tootsie Roll Industries to launch Tootsie Roll, Tropical Dots, and Junior Mints fragrances this week at Sephora and Dylan’s Candy Bar. Smelling is the new eating. [Cosmetic News]

• Colette ordered the Eau d’Italie’s Magnolia Romana fragrance without even testing it — a huge credit to the power of the brand. The magnolia fragrance is the fifth scent from Eau d’Italie, which you’ll find in New York at Bergdorf Goodman. [WWD]

• Styledash put together the list of Hollywood’s most fabulous tanning disasters. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Hulk Hogan are givens, but they boldly added Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani. You know, if we lived in Italy, we’d take advantage too. [Styledash]

• Queens is home to a five-story 60,000-square-foot spa and water park called Inspa World. It’s got pools, hot tubs, saunas, massage rooms, a food court, and best of all, a room that only plays Korean soap operas with English subtitles. We’re so there. [NYT]

J. Lo Gets Matchy at Dior; a List of Tanning Disaster Victims