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Jean Paul Gautlier’s New Gig: Eurovision Commenter

Smile! You’re on Eurovision!Photo: Getty Images

Jean Paul Gaultier often outfits musicians for concerts, like Madonna and Kylie Minogue for their upcoming tours. He’s also decked out Eurovision competitors in years past, including transsexual Dana International from Israel in 1998 and Anna Vissi from Greece in 2006. But this year he isn’t content to merely dress people. Oh no. JPG is going on the show as a commenter. In case you’re not familiar with Eurovision, it’s a contest that pits songs from each country in the European Broadcasting Union against each other. It’s best known for being really corny (in a really awesome way). One of the longest-running shows in television history, it’s been on the air since 1956, and Gaultier’s been watching since childhood. AFP reports:

Waving aside criticism of the event as kitschy, Gaultier added: “In France we are a bit snobbish. Eurovision has become kitsch but in earlier years it was simply popular music.”

We think this is a perfect gig for Gaultier since he’s a jolly good fellow if there ever was one. The one time we met him he seemed like the giddy type that’s just generally delighted to be alive. However, a lot of his fellow Frenchmen aren’t thrilled about the show this year, since their competitor, Sebastien Tellier, decided to sing his song “Divine” in English instead of French. Let’s hope Gaultier’s case of the jollies will be catching once the broadcast starts on May 24.

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Jean Paul Gautlier’s New Gig: Eurovision Commenter