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Jennifer Hudson Didn’t Like André Leon Talley’s Styling

The infamous metallic jacket.Photo: Getty Images

OMG! The Sex and the City New York premiere is tonight! We have fallen off our chairs multiple times today in anticipation: Will Sarah Jessica Parker wear a silly fashion object like that astounding green plant hat again? Perhaps a summer fur muff like the one she wore in the final episode of season six, part two, in Paris? Perhaps one of her three co-stars will attempt to out-zany her with, say, a bag shaped like an iconic building? Oh yes, we’ve been doing our research. (It’s sick, we know.) While, as we mentioned, the anticipation is giving us bruises, we’re at least 75 percent sure about one thing: Jennifer Hudson will not let André Leon Talley dress her for the night’s festivities. Check out what she told Entertainment Weekly about the jacket she wore to the Oscars that a lot of people didn’t care for:

We feel for you, darling — André Leon Talley is probably a very difficult person to say “no” to (he did get Oscar de la Renta, Miuccia Prada, Tom Ford, Vera Wang, and Marc Jacobs to visit Savannah, Georgia, after all). But if Sex and the City has taught us one thing and one thing only, it’s be your own fashion victim, not someone else’s.

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Jennifer Hudson Didn’t Like André Leon Talley’s Styling