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Josh Hartnett Mugs for Armani’s Diamonds for Men

We’re guessing he’ll get a shave and a haircut before

the shoot.Photo: WireImage


• Josh Hartnett is the new face of Armani’s Diamonds for Men scent. (You may recall Beyoncé fronted Diamonds for Women last year.) The company promises “a memorable print and TV campaign.” Golly, we hope that means a naked Josh with strategically placed paste-on diamonds. [WWD]

• The first-ever Perfume Expo America closes today in New York. Oh, you didn’t hear about it? Sounds about right. Vendors are complaining about the low turnout. [Cosmetic News]

Christian Dior will launch the Dior Beauty Institute with the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris this September. It’s going to be the only one of its kind — featuring skin-care and beauty treatments. Can we go? [Cosmetic News]

• Beauty rules from Bobbi Brown: Don’t keep mascara more than six months; don’t use a pencil for brows because it never looks natural — opt for a shadow instead; finally, test your lipsticks without any other makeup on — that’s how you find a keeper. [Makeup Divas]

• The eye shadows in M.A.C’s new Electroflash line look like potted planets. Love. [Temptalia]

Josh Hartnett Mugs for Armani’s Diamonds for Men