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Lagerfeld’s Miami Resort Show: One Splashy Affair

Pure. Genius.Photo: Getty Images

Today Karl Lagerfeld will show his resort collection for Chanel in Miami at the Raleigh Hotel. Naturally, it won’t go down without more pomp and circumstance than that at every graduation ceremony across the country combined, and then some. WWD reports that more than 120 people have been flown in for the occasion and the hotel has been shut down to the general public for four days with “tight security protecting the property like a fortress.” A Fortress of Fabulous, that is! The show will feature more than 60 looks; reportedly there will be a performance by ten synchronized swimmers from the U.S. Olympics team plus eight more wearing swimsuits designed by the Kaiser himself, each bearing a letter:

The swimmers are expected to jump into the pool and do a ballet performance that will reach its finale when they will line up to spell out Chanel. It’s an appropriate nod to the Raleigh, which played host to several Esther Williams films. “As a child, I loved Esther Williams movies,” Lagerfeld said. “I am actually staying here in a suite called the Esther Williams Suite.”

See, folks — he was a child once! Now we shall return to hating this day, if only because we couldn’t squeeze pool time at the Raleigh into our schedules. Damn.

Karl at the Beach: Chanel Cruises Into Miami [WWD]

Lagerfeld’s Miami Resort Show: One Splashy Affair