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Did Karl Lagerfeld Spruce Up Our Garbage Bins?

What we would have given to be that young man yesterday.Photo: Rex USA, Courtesy of Christopher Sauvé

The morning after big galas, we like to nurse our hangovers with Rapid Release Extra-Strength Tylenol, hamburgers, and Perrier, and avoid exposing ourselves to the world before 4 p.m. It seems Karl Lagerfeld is not just like us. Sad face. The Kaiser was spotted the morning after the Costume Institute gala eyeing some garbage with a “male friend” on a street downtown. That outstretched hand and slightly cocked head seem to indicate Lagerfeld has glamorous plans for those black bags. Perhaps he envisioned draping Amy Winehouse over them naked save for some strategically placed quilted purses, we thought. Or perhaps garbage is the new Amy Winehouse, and Mugatu in Zoolander really was onto something with that Derelicte collection.

But then a friend of the Cut sent in a shot of a garbage receptacle on 14th Street and Ninth Avenue carefully spray-painted with the Chanel logo. So maybe Karl was just envisioning a better-looking container for our city’s waste and couldn’t resist making his vision a reality on those bins. Oh Karl, always thinking of the Trendy Wendys in the meatpacking district.


Did Karl Lagerfeld Spruce Up Our Garbage Bins?