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Karolina Kurkova Has Cellulite! Lancôme Launches Man Products

There are supposedly dimples on these lady lumps.Photo: Getty Images

• Frustrating, but true: There is no cure for cellulite. However, it’s not caused by extra weight. Dermatologist Benabio asserts even Karolina Kurkova has it. Well, she fooled us. [Derm Blog]

• The Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is so packed with water it’s a consistency that’s not quite a gel or a cream. It doubles as a mask for super-thirsty skin. [Makeup and Beauty Blog]

• Hey fellas, on the heels of Jean Paul Gaultier’s man-makeup line, Lancôme launched its men’s skin-care line, Lancôme Men, which is formulated differently than women’s products. Department stores better clear out those Godiva kiosks to make way for all the man stuff. [Lipstick Powder N Paint]

• The Demi-Blanc nail shade by M.A.C is a shimmery top coat that’s supposed to work on bare nails or over summery brights. Except it appears dark brown on this blog post, which doesn’t say summer to us at all. [Beauty Snob]

• The $65 brow shaping with Rachel Gangemi at Valery Joseph is a worthwhile splurge since she’s not one of those brow artists who yells at you for overplucking. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

Karolina Kurkova Has Cellulite! Lancôme Launches Man Products