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Kate Moss: ‘I Still Think I’m 17’

Who didn’t have one of these in high school?Photo: Splash News

Remember when, not too long ago, dresses became the new hot thing everyone had to fill their closets to the brim with immediately? You’ve probably been unable to concentrate on your day-to-day as you incessantly wonder why that occurred. But today the Guardian has the answer: Kate Moss. She wore cocktail dresses during the day with flat boots, unstructured jersey dresses with oversize tuxedo jackets, and lots of other dresses in lots of other ways that women everywhere wanted to copy. In rare form, Moss granted the paper an interview on this topic. She’s doing press for her new dress-heavy Topshop range, which hits stores this week, and the paper needed this dress peg, we suppose, since it sounds like Moss didn’t say very much:

Is it annoying, or flattering?

’Ha! It’s flattering!’

Why does she think it happens? What is it about her that exerts power over women?

’I think it’s because I don’t follow a trend. I just have a thrown-together look.’

Now that’s a revelation.

How Kate reinvented the frock [Guardian]

Kate Moss: ‘I Still Think I’m 17’