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Kate Moss Stars in A Weird New Internet Lingerie Movie

Kate Moss stars in the new Agent Provacteur campaign for its bridal line and it’s a doozy. First we’ve got six — yes, six — internet movies, each of which correspond to print ads shot by Nick Knight. Each movie and ad are meant to depict “the demise of a bride’s ‘big day’ and serialize the unraveling of the religious organization behind it.” The jokes write themselves here, don’t they? You can see the print ads here. The themes represented include “The Happiest Day of Her Life,” “The Garden of Eden,” “Bad News,” “Frenzy,” “Revenge,” and “Let Them Eat Kate.”

Now, if you’re still following along, the first movie to go with the ads is up at, and is called, yup, “White Wedding.” Here’s how SHOWstudio describes it:

From [Agent Provacateur founder] Joe Corré’s screenplay directions that the heroine bride — Kate Moss — should appear “romantic, pink and full of hope” on the eve of her ‘White Wedding’, Nick Knight’s first campaign image of six addresses all the classic elements of a kitsch boudoir scene: the powder-puff palette; the love heart vignette; the handheld mirror; a sweet butterfly hovering over virgin flesh. Meanwhile the accompanying film employs the help of a naked harpist to push the footage in more poetic direction.

We’d describe it as grainy slow motion shots of Kate Moss posing in a white lacey babydoll within a weird, rocking heart frame, but to each her own. Each day through Wednesday, May 7 we get a new one of these suckers. Oy, this really is the most complicated ad campaign ever.

WHITE WEDDING: Scene One, The Happiest Day of Her Life [SHOWstudio]

Kate Moss Stars in A Weird New Internet Lingerie Movie