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Kristin Davis on the Magic of the ‘Sex and the City’ Closet

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• Kristin Davis on her Sex and the City wardrobe fitting: “Sarah [Jessica Parker] had actually emailed me after hers [fitting] because she had actually had a little, ohhhhhhhh reaction, and she was like, wait until you get here. So I was kind of like, OK, I’m ready, and you walk in and there’s literally everything, tables of bags, tables of shoes, just a warehouse of literally every couture sample that is even remotely available.” [Fab Sugar]

Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field calls her own style “very utilitarian” and “comfortable.” Also, Cleopatra is her style icon, “because she was here over 2,000 years ago and we are still talking about her.” She adds, “I love watching Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, and Paris.” That is all so confusing. [British Vogue]

Elle creative director Joe Zee ad-libbed for the Ugly Betty season finale, on which he guest starred, with editor Robbie Myers. He added this zinger during a softball scene: “I’m not going to be distracted by how fat you look in white.” Knowing he came up with that on his own makes us feel like we “get” him a little bit better. [WWD]

• Blasted! This year’s CFDA awards won’t have cocktail hour. [WWD]

• Proenza Schouler signed a new shoe-licensing deal with Giuseppe Zanotti. The first batch will launch for resort sales, and a full collection will debut in 2009. [WWD]

• Did you know Paul Winston, of Chipp tailors, invented patched-madras cloth? He’ll also make you a custom jacket out of turquoise Indian silk for suggested wear to Palm Beach, Palm Springs, or the country club. Father’s Day, anyone? [City Room/NYT]

• Former L’Oréal cover girl Caron Bernstein’s new art show features paintings that represent her rape by an ex-boyfriend and her brother’s suicide. What a cheerful way to welcome summer. [NYP]

• Heavens! Now there are pictures of Miley Cyrus’s bare stomach on the Internet! [NYDN]

• Roberto Cavalli: “Anyone is capable of doing minimalism. I won’t, because it’s horrible.” [Telegraph]

• Two 25-year-old designers for Seven Jeans were killed earlier this month in what appears to be a hit-and-run outside the company’s Vernon headquarters. A suspect was arrested and released on bail. [WWD]

• The 81-year-old founder of Ross Stores, Inc., Stuart G. Moldaw, died on Saturday, following a short illness. [WWD]

Kristin Davis on the Magic of the ‘Sex and the City’ Closet