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The Last Bits of Gossip From the Met Gala

From left, Anna Wintour’s assistant, Claiborne Swanson, with very dry hair; Christina Ricci; and Mary J. Blige.Photo: Patrick McMullan, Getty Images

• A tipster tells us an army of hairdressers infiltrated the Vogue offices on Monday afternoon to coif the Voguettes for the ball. But the hair dryers kept blowing a fuse and shorting out the lights in one area of the office. Just imagine, friends, if you were trying to do work at Vogue on Monday and your lights kept going out because your officemates were getting their hair done for the fabulous ball you weren’t allowed to attend. Let’s hope those poor souls had their own party.

• Though we saw Mary J. Blige on the red carpet dressed in Michael Kors around eight o’clock, another Cut spy spotted her sipping a martini at the Waverly Inn with friends around ten Monday night, which means she didn’t stay for dinner. She did change out of her gown but couldn’t bear to shed her gala jewels. Then again, someone had to bling out the Inn when all of its usual residents were still uptown.

• The New York Post reports Christina Ricci didn’t stay for dinner either. Though her Givenchy gown was one of the most admired of the night, she left immediately when she learned Anna Wintour didn’t seat her with her boyfriend, Kick Gurry. What a waste of gussying up.

The Last Bits of Gossip From the Met Gala