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Marc Jacobs: Powerful Person in New York Real Estate?

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Marc Jacobs is many things. Adored designer, aspiring reality-TV star, muscle man, limelight lover, SpongeBob aficionado. But what might not have come to mind is “real-estate powerhouse.” According to the New York Observer, however, that’s exactly what he is. Well, smack us upside the head and call us Karl Lagerfeld! On the paper’s list of the 100 most powerful people in New York real estate, he’s number 63:

#63 Marc Jacobs
Co-founder and Designer at Marc Jacobs International
Marc Jacobs didn’t invent the West Village, but his five stores there have made it into a precious, pricey, overpopulated, well-corduroyed, bubble-skirted dreamland. There’s a store for men, one for women, two for accessories and one for noun-named children.

Okay, we love Marc, and though his West Village stores have probably influenced the neighborhood, he just seems a little out of place on this list. We appreciate that the Observer folk wanted to be creative with the list and give him a shout-out, but the dude is no Barbara Corcoran. We mean, he’s sandwiched between hotelier André Balazs (number 62) and Richard LeFrak (number 64), who owns 5,000 apartments in the city. No harm in asking “Which of these is not like the other?” from time to time.

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Marc Jacobs: Powerful Person in New York Real Estate?