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‘Marie Claire’ to Replace ‘Elle’ on Project Runway?

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Egad! Marie Claire might usurp Elle’s spot on Project Runway after its contract runs out. Elle is signed to remain with the show through its fifth season, which is the show’s last on the Bravo network before it moves to Lifetime. WWD notes the partnership is likely since both Hearst Publications (which publishes Marie Claire) and the Lifetime network are jointly owned by the same parent company and Disney, and the media is incestuous like that (you know, “synergy”).

This also makes last week’s Nina Garcia sighting a little more interesting: She was spotted at the Hearst headquarters, so perhaps she was chatting with the folks at Marie Claire? And then the magazine could benefit from Garcia’s chic-fairy dust (because, let’s be honest, it doesn’t quite have the same high-market cachet as Elle) and Project Runway wouldn’t be utterly doomed! Hey, a girl can dream.

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‘Marie Claire’ to Replace ‘Elle’ on Project Runway?