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Martha Stewart Commits Heinous Shoe Crime

She’s coloring the shoe!Photo:

Homemaking and gardening are not exactly our things, but we still appreciate Martha Stewart. We could never organize a fabric collection the way she does or grow “purple passion” asparagus that were worthy of serving or make stuffed animals out of socks and gloves. But while we’d let her have at our closet, kitchen, or potted plants, we’d never let her near our shoes. See, she writes on her blog about a luncheon she attended last week honoring Frederick Law Olmsted, the famous landscape architect who designed Central Park. Before her numerous dazzling photos of hats* worn to the luncheon (so very “now,” with Sarah Jessica Parker and all), she posts a photo of a woman holding a marker to a red-soled shoe. Could it be? we thought, our palms moistening, our fingers trembling. We scrolled back up, and the caption on the photo proved our darkest fears:

Karena, my wardrobe mistress, painting the soles of my [Christian] Louboutins black - I am not a fan of the signature red soles and always change the red to black - this is easy if you use a broad sharpie.

A “broad sharpie,” Martha? We would die for those red soles, and there you are coloring them as you might a dress for one of your sock animals. Saint Peter won’t forget about this one, lady.

*The hats are worth taking a look at, once you recover from this.

Come see hats, hats, and more great hats!! Please comment and let me know your favorite [Martha Blog]

Martha Stewart Commits Heinous Shoe Crime