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Michael Kors Used to Wear Multiple Pairs of Leg Warmers

1984 was a great year.Photo:

On Monday, the CFDA will hand out its annual awards to America’s top fashion designers. In honor of these, asked the nominees about their “fashion breaks” and “fashion mistakes” (har). Most of the “fashion mistakes” are rather benign: Marc Jacobs infamously started a fashion show three hours late; Tory Burch’s was when she was an assistant at Harper’s Bazaar and she called Mr. Beene “Geoffrey”; and Francisco Costa’s was when he wore a rolled-up headband in the eighties. Yeah, big whoop, guys. Check out how Michael Kors used to roll around school:

The worst thing I ever wore was legwarmers when I was in school. I not only wore them, I used to wear two or three pairs. Everything was some shade of dusty mauve and rose, what I call ‘ishy colors.’ At the time I was wearing a burgundy boot. Fortunately, there are no photographs.

Now imagine, reader, that ensemble on the guy you see above at left. That’s Kors backstage at his show in 1984. Makes sense that he only wears his black-blazer uniform now.

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Michael Kors Used to Wear Multiple Pairs of Leg Warmers