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Naomi Watts’s New Campaign; Get Rihanna’s Do

Naomi WattsPhoto: Getty Images


• Snaps to Naomi Watts. She signed on as the new face of Thierry Mugler’s Angel fragrance launching this October. What an achievement. [British Vogue]

• Commenters don’t like Sean John’s new limited-edition follow-up to Unforgivable, Unforgivable Woman Black and Unforgivable Black. What turns them off? The packaging comes wrapped in beads and the press release calls the ingredients “premium and luxurious.” But what press release doesn’t say things like that? [Now Smell This]

• Rihanna’s hair went from long to bob to major crop, and her ballsy stylist Ursula Stephen is in NYC this Saturday to spill her secrets at the Carol’s Daughter flagship store on 125th Street and Park Avenue. It’s gonna rain this weekend so bring your ‘ella. [Ellegirl Blog]

• The Cosmetics Executive Women makeup awards take place at the Waldorf Astoria this afternoon, and early mascara winners are CoverGirl LashBlast in the mass market category, and DiorShow Blackout Mascara won in the prestige category. [Makeup Bag]

• The Natural Products Association revealed a Natural Seal sticker, which will distinguish natural products from synthetic ones. Previously there was no set standard, so now consumers won’t be misled. Justice for all! [WWD]

• We’re not prepared for the sweltering, steamy summer ahead (if it ever gets here, dammit), but Cargo Cosmetics is. They just launched a series of limited-edition melt-proof cosmetics at $39 per set. Thank goodness because whenever we bring our bronzer and mascara to the beach everything melts. Yeah, we bring our bronzer and mascara to the beach. [Teen Vogue]

• Someone in Argentina proposed taxing beautiful people because their lives are easier. Um, someone in Argentina really needs to get a life. [Beauty & The Blog/Sephora]

• You know how walking around the city in flip-flops all day in the summer makes your feet, like, black? Well Earth Therapeutics created Clean + Cool Foot Wipes, infused with tea tree oil and wild mint to clean dirt and revive overworked feet. They come in packs of fifteen for six dollars so throw ‘em in your pocketbook. [Beauty Banter]

Naomi Watts’s New Campaign; Get Rihanna’s Do