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‘Elle’ Staffer Already Embarrassed to Appear on ‘Stylista’

Malina V. Joseph. Poor thing.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Rumors have been swirling that Elle staffers are less than thrilled with the magazine’s involvement with fashion-assistant reality show Stylista. Today we bring you blog proof. One staffer, Malina V. Joseph, writes on her Elle blog, that she was turned into a caricature of her real self for the sake of the show:

On top of my normal overwhelming workload I worked on a little project known as Stylista … Yours truly can be seen on the small screen dressed in exaggerated versions of my daily garb this fall. Splatter painted tutus, leopard printed coats, yellow sequin soccer jerseys and snakeskin 7-inch platforms, are just a few of the pieces from my closet that help define the look of what I describe to my closest friends as “the tranny version of Malina.” If reality show competition is not your entertainment forte, you will at least get a mouth full of over the top style in three distinctive helpings: My Pat Field-less over-the-top “this is what a girl who works in fashion should look like”, our Photo Director Brett Ramey and her modern rendition of a Helmut Newton girl, and Anne Slowey, who I can imagine will draw in gaggles of gays who will tune in only to guess what designer she is wearing.

We feel for poor Malina. She won’t even get to showcase her true style for the show, which is probably pretty sophisticated and enviable. We also find it rather incredible that she’s setting the record straight before the show even airs. She must be pretty embarrassed about the whole thing. We feel her pain — we’re embarrassed for everyone from Elle involved in the show, too.

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‘Elle’ Staffer Already Embarrassed to Appear on ‘Stylista’