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Paris Hilton Makes Fake Hair; D&G Scent Smells Like Onions

This makes us shudder.Photo: Getty Images

• Gag alert! Paris Hilton is launching a line of hair extensions called Clipin-Go by Paris Hilton. It includes ten hair colors per set, which costs an exorbitant $80. At least it’s not self-tanner. [WWD]

• Ads for Dolce & Gabbana’s new fragrance the One for Men with Matthew McConaughey have been everywhere, and the fragrance is finally out and reviews are pouring in. After the first spray it smells like freshly baked cardamom cookies; after twenty minutes, an onion patch and then a woody-musk scent. Ew — onions and cologne do not mix. [Now Smell This]

• This blog suggests getting your mom the Balm’s Sexy Mama Powder for Mother’s Day. Because giving Mom something with the word “Sexy” with a capital “S” in its name is normal. [BellaSugar]

• Damone Roberts, the self-proclaimed “Eyebrow King” just opened a new salon in midtown to follow up to his Beverly Hills start-up. He plans to launch a cosmetics line in 2009, because there’s nothing the Eyebrow King can’t handle. [We Love Beauty]

• The Fifth Avenue nail salon Butterfly Studio says that the toenail look of the moment is square, but rounded at corners for summer. You know, “squoval.” Go ahead, say it. Squoval. Fun, huh? [15 Minute Beauty]

Paris Hilton Makes Fake Hair; D&G Scent Smells Like Onions