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Oh, the Horror: Perez Hilton Launches Clothing Line

After this was shot, someone slapped him
across the face.Photo: Getty Images

Today is a dark day for fashion, as we must report that Perez Hilton is launching a clothing line. Of course, the line’s for Hot Topic (gossip — hot topics — get it?!). Creatively titled “Perez Hilton For Hot Topic,” it will include Perezcious Pink and Gossip Gangster flip-flops and range in price from $2 to $50. You know, $50 really is a steal for blog-themed flip-flops. Apparently this project is just one of Perez’s many well-thought-out decisions:

“I’m most excited to finally see on the shelves products that are good and affordable for my readers. I actively sought out Hot Topic for that reason.”

So he’s making up for others’ sins by giving us nightmares? How democratic of him. Night terrors for all!

Perez Hilton Clothing Line: “Perez Hilton For Hot Topic” [Pop Crunch]

Oh, the Horror: Perez Hilton Launches Clothing Line