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‘Project Runway’ Loses Producers

At least these two are sitting pretty. We think.Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

NBC Universal is determined not to let Project Runway become the one that got away. Or, if the network must kiss it good-bye and release the show to Lifetime, NBC is at least going to make sure that Lifetime won’t be getting the best possible goods. You’ll recall the network filed a lawsuit against the Weinstein Co. when it sold the show to Lifetime, but yesterday the network struck a deal that would merely prevent the show’s producers from following Project Runway over to Lifetime. Sneaky! The Wall Street Journal explains:

So the show’s executive producers are gone, half the episodes are moving to L.A., and Marie Claire might replace Elle. This is going to make for one disheveled mess of a show. But you know what? It will probably be perfect for Lifetime. May the pouting commence.

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‘Project Runway’ Loses Producers