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Roger Vivier to Design Shoes for Baby Suri

Didn’t anyone tell this kid not to play with
Mommy’s $595 shoes?Photo: Courtesy of Roger Vivier

We tried to ignore TomKat and baby Suri. Really, we did. After standing on the red carpet at the Met gala amid reporters from the weekly celebrity-gossip magazines, we wanted to spill the battery acid out of our tape recorder Duracell onto our eardrums to save ourselves from hearing them ask one more celebrity, “What did you think of Tom and Katie’s arrival?!” Yes, they look fabulous and they have the cutest baby in the whole wide world, but we don’t see the need for all the muss and fuss (maybe just the fuss). But now Baby Suri has gone and done something so un-baby-like we can’t ignore her anymore. She’s inspired one of Mommy’s favorite designers, Roger Vivier, to design a pair of shoes just for her. Not for Mommy, mind you, for Baby Suri. It seems the label’s creative director was impressed with Suri’s taste in footwear. You see, she chose Katie’s blue pumps for the Met gala and picked out a $595 pair of red flats for her at the Madison Avenue Vivier store yesterday.

Well, isn’t that precious. Let us guess, she always sleeps through the night and eats her baby foie gras toast with her napkin folded in her lap.

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Roger Vivier to Design Shoes for Baby Suri