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Sarah Jessica Parker Chooses Fashion Over Comfort

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This time of year leaves many New York girls struggling with one very important question when getting dressed for a night out: Should I bring a jacket? Nights are cold enough to warrant one but our outfits could certainly do without. And keeping track of an extra layer? Impossible. It just winds up getting soaked in vodka or, worse yet, worn out the door by someone else (cough, cough, Lindsay). We can’t possibly be expected to keep track of such things. Then again we don’t want to be that girl who’d walk through snow storms in stiletto sandals. For answers we turn to someone older, wiser, and just as stylish: Sarah Jessica Parker. British Vogue reports:

“My philosophy is, I’d rather be cold and look good than be comfortable and think later, ‘I really should not have worn a parka to the premiere’,” the actress said in an interview with London-based radio station, Heart FM. “I would rather run for 18 hours in heels and think, ‘Yeah, that looks great’ because it’s a long life. I feel panicked in a turtle neck.”

We hate when the paps catch us in our frumpy flats too. So embarrassing.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Chooses Fashion Over Comfort