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It’s Almost Mother’s Day, and We Know You Need Help

From left to right, Banchet bouquet, Kaas plates, Voluspa candles, and Hayden Harnett glasses case.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for Mother’s Day (it’s Sunday — write it down now) you could just send mom an empty bottle with a card that says, “Dearest Mother, All my love and warm, fuzzy feelings for you are inside this bottle”? As cute as that would be (we’re considering it), it would look cheap and lame. Unless you give her something else to go with it, of course. Today we launched our Mother’s Day Shop-A-Matic to help you last-minute shoppers. It features everything from home décor for Decorating Mom, glitzy electronics for Techy Mom, and beauty products for Glamour Mom. So start browsing already. Here are a few of our favorite selections:

For the traditional mom: Mother’s Day Bouquet by Banchet Flowers

Price: $235

Why we like it: Packed with cherry blossoms, white roses, peonies, and phalaenopsis — cheesy alert — this bright bouquet is sweet and beautiful, just like her.

For the decorating mom: Rob Roy Pansies and Thistle Plates by Kaas Glassworks
Price: $74 for Rob Roy pansies; $96 for Thistle
Why we like it: These floral trays work throughout the home — in the bathroom for soaps, at the entryway for keys, or in the kitchen for candies.

For the stressed-out mom: Voluspa Opulence Collection in Pagoda
Price: $96 total — $28 for fragrant diffuser, $36 for optic color bowl candle, and $12 for mini ceramic candle. Sold separately.
Why we like it: The Pagoda fragrance mixes cedar, honeysuckle, and passion fruit to create a relaxing scent within the diffuser and candles.

For the mom on the go: Capri Glasses Case by Hayden Harnett
Price: $28
Why we like it: This affordable, bright case is perfect for storing reading glasses or killer shades. Plus, this is definitely a better alternative than the junky free cases from the eyeglasses store. —Sharon Clott

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It’s Almost Mother’s Day, and We Know You Need Help