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The New Bond Girl Scent; How to Get Fergie’s Hair

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• Avon’s new fragrance Bond Girl 007 will come out this fall at the same time the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace drops. The campaign features new Bond Girl Gemma Arterton, and the bottle cap is meant to look like a spy gadget. What lady doesn’t go nuts for spy gadgets? [Now Smell This]

• Kenzo Power, the new men’s fragrance from Kenzo, launches this August, and will feature spices, bergamot, coriander, cardamom, and woody amber notes. They better name their women’s fragrance Power too. [Now Smell This]

• If you want to be just like Fergie, put olive oil in your hair when you go on tour. [Spoiled Pretty]

• The PedEgg late-night infomercials hawk a foot file that stashes your dry-heel sawdust inside the contraption until you dump it out. This is so gross we don’t care if it works. We mean, what if it spills? Ew. [Beauty Addict]

• A white base coat will make colors pop, like all those neons that are so trendy this summer. So now you really know how to blind people with them. [Makeup Loves Me]

• Finally! Some nail decals we actually think are kind of funky! These are tiny binary code — 0’s and 1’s over and over again. Yeah, we did Mathletes when we were little — so what? [Kiss and Makeup]

The New Bond Girl Scent; How to Get Fergie’s Hair