Kate Moss’s New Lingerie Ads Are Fraught With Politics

Photo: Courtesy of Agent Provocateur

On Friday photographer Nick Knight’s Website Showstudio.com launched a series of Kate Moss videos to accompany her new Agent Provocateur bridal ad campaign. The ads depict a bride on her wedding day who has a “last minute change of heart.” It features Moss in six different scenes and Showstudio is running movies to go along with each scene. Since when did lingerie advertising become so complicated? we wondered. Thankfully the Independent answers that question. Apparently Agent Provocateur’s co-founder Joe Corre wanted to give Kate an opportunity to stand up to “all the people who have taken a moralistic view of her.” Maybe that’s why he shot her in red underwear holding slices of wedding cake looking like she’d just trampled a pair of popes (“Let Them Eat Kate”).

But more important, Corre wanted to express his views on marriage and the Vatican:

“For me, the idea of marriage, of two people committing to one another, is incredibly beautiful. But at a certain point you hand over the control of that to a different organisation, to something that is disconnected, whether it’s the Church or, if it’s a civil wedding, the Government. I think perhaps people should question that because what if the authority concerned is corrupt and its intentions are not as pure as the ones you had in the first place?”
It’s safe to say that he is far from enamoured of the Vatican, in particular. “I only went there recently. It is an outstanding and powerful place but at the same time it’s absolutely revolting,” he says fierily. “If those people wanted to do something in the world, to stop Third World debt, for example, then they could do that with the stroke of a pen. Everyone knows about the corruption issues that surround the Catholic church but you’re not supposed to talk about it because it may be insulting to some people. Give me a break.”

Yes, lingerie ads are such a great vehicles to deliver these kinds of messages to the public. If only we’d realized it sooner we’d totally be vlogging in our undies instead of blogging. Man, are we passé.

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Kate Moss’s New Lingerie Ads Are Fraught With Politics