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Angelina Jolie, Long-Lost Stars, and a Panda Gussy Up for Cannes

Bar RefaeliPhoto: WireImage

The annual French hording of celebrities known as the Cannes Film Festival is well under way, and this year they’ve gathered quite the good-looking bunch. Really, for the most part everyone looks quite stunning. But don’t think that makes the photos less entertaining to look at, as the festival is an opportunity for celebs to showcase their fabulous yachts and hanging-out-on-the-dock outfits. But casualwear comes next week; first up is the overwhelming glamour of the premieres (stars dress up far more than they would if they were here). Also, they put fake animals on the red carpet, as you’ll see after the jump.

Let’s commence outfit judging with Bar Refaeli. She looks great. What more can we say? Not going into the army has done wonders for her skin.

At left is Italian PR gal Tiziana Rocca displaying a very Cannes side slit, which would have worked better with a higher neckline and push-up bra. In the middle is a very preggers Angelina Jolie (obviously). Her neckline and bosom are perfection. At the right we have the striking Eva Longoria. Is it just us or does the bottom of her dress look like it could do something vicious to anyone who gets in her shot?Photo: Getty Images

Look, it’s Rachel Leigh Cook! Where has she been since our tweens? She looks adorable, but the dress needs a tug up. And look! It’s Natalie Imbruglia! Where has she been since our tweens? Wait, we know! Getting a grown-up haircut. At right Julianne Moore looks like one of those ornate vases from the Czech Republic. Which is fine, if you’re a vase.Photo: Getty Images

On the left is Hofit Golan, Israeli model and TV presenter. She could afford to loan some of that push-up action to little Rachel Leigh Cook. And we’d guess walking the carpet would be easier if she had brought her other leg. On the right, a panda walked the carpet at the Kung Fu Panda premiere. This is the country that embraced Jerry Lee Lewis, after all.Photo: Getty Images

Angelina Jolie, Long-Lost Stars, and a Panda Gussy Up for Cannes