There Is No Such Thing As Overpacking

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When we pack for a vacation, we usually spend most of our time cutting back on the extra clothes we want to bring. Because we hate being that girl with two bags for just a three-day trip. But Hadley Freeman frees us of this notion today! Contrary to what our mother and every boyfriend led us to believe, there is nothing wrong with packing so much that you have to pay the overweight fee. One man writes in to ask, “My girlfriend always exceeds the airline luggage weight limit when we go abroad. Surely this is unacceptable?” Hadley’s response makes sure he’ll never make his girlfriend feel like that girl again:

…few qualities are as mistakenly overrated as being an efficient packer. A good packer? Frankly, I’d rather have good hair.

Yes, we sure do! We look forward to cutting our packing time in half this year.

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There Is No Such Thing As Overpacking