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Latest Guest Star on ‘Ugly Betty’: Lindsay Lohan

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Someone call a plumber because the season finale of Ugly Betty is clogged — with guest stars, that is. Not only are Naomi Campbell and Elle editor Robbie Myers and creative director Joe Zee guest-starring in the finale, but the one and only Lindsay Lohan will, too. She’ll also grace the show for five episodes next season. Variety reports:

It’s understood that Lohan plays an old schoolmate of America Ferrera’s Betty Suarez character. Lohan’s character was not particularly nice to Betty back then, but when the two bump into each other in the finale, Lohan’s character is down on her luck, in sharp contrast to Betty’s glamorous and promising career at Gotham fashion mag Mode.

It’s like Mean Girls all over again, except this time LiLo plays Regina George. The cattiness, the transformation from loser to popular fashion plate, the high-school dramas, more cattiness — sigh. It’s too bad they don’t make movies like that anymore. Here’s hoping for a LiLo fashion transformation courtesy of the Mode closets. And some extra cattiness. And a Dina Lohan appearance. Just sayin’.

Lohan to guest star on ‘Ugly Betty’
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Latest Guest Star on ‘Ugly Betty’: Lindsay Lohan